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Redefine Black Friday 

Photograph by Devon Lach 

The impacts of the mass consumerism that defines Black Friday are detrimental to the environment and the underpaid workers, who make the discounted goods big box stores sell. Let’s redefine Black Friday as a day to support Black and Indigenous Businesses. Here are a few of our favorite brands to explore.

Oak & Acorn︎︎︎

Founded by Miko Underwood
A sustainable denim brand, based in Harlem, tells the story of Indigenous People and Enslaved Africans through the history of denim in America.


Founded by Dominic Gallelli
High vibrational hand-dyed loungewear made in Los Angeles out of recycled cotton. 

Siren Sais︎︎︎

Founded by Eleanor O'Connell
Luxurious silk slip dresses and rockin handbags made from scraps and deadstock fabric in New York City.

Aliya Wanek︎︎︎

Founded by Aliya Wanek
Everyday statement pieces that explore the connection between clothing and expression of identity.

Isobel & Cleo ︎︎︎

Founded by Charlotte Hess
Delicately hand knit pieces using traditional techniques and sustainable yarns.

Red Luck︎︎︎

Founded by Isa Cruz
Eye catching, colorful mosaic apparel created using entirely salvaged fabric.

Leigh New York︎︎︎

Founded by Morgan Johnson
Silky pieces inspired by Morgan’s grandmother, radiating the perfect combo of spunk and elegance.

Orenda Tribe︎︎︎

Founded by Amy Yeung
Each garment creatively weaves in upcycled materials and is made by a small team of artists and makers around the world, including Indigenous artists from Dinétah.

Johnson Ceramics︎︎︎

Founded by Lauren Johnson
Stunning clay mugs and bowls are made with care in Lauren’s home studio and are poised to become heritage pieces in your own home.

Grant Blvd︎︎︎

Founded by Kimberly McGlonn
Pushing for criminal justice reform through community partnerships and badass sustainable clothing.


Founded by Akilah Hughes
The new definition of luxury handbags, using recycled materials.

Combine De Filles︎︎︎

Founded by Aissatou Marie Balde
The perfection of the stylish yet laid back jumpsuit, made in Brooklyn, New York.


Founded by Bethany Yellowtail
A collective of Native American, First Nation and Indigenous creators storytelling through wearable art

Jacques Louis︎︎︎

Founded by Naika Colas
Part sustainable fashion brand, part mentorship program, Naika offers free sustainable design workshops in the US and Haiti.


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